Reflections. The 4 Es.

As this year comes to an end, I have been reflecting on all the wonderful experiences, exposures, engagements and explorations that I have made this year. I have grown significantly as a person and in my field. I have begun to learn about my photographic style and am continuing to expand on that style and extend outside of my comfort zone.

I have meet a lot of wonderful people this year. These people have helped me along with my photography. Being models, teaching me photography, learning photography with me, critiquing my work and allowing me to be critical of their work. I have made new friends that are talented individuals, also learning along side of me in my journey. These people I hope to see again and work with in the future. I hope that they find the same success that I find in their journey.

I have taken some amazing pictures this year. I have learned so much about the process and the art of taking a picture. It is clear when you look at the pictures that I took this year that my understanding of photography and development grew with my knowledge of the art. They’ve come along way and I am excited to learn more to push them even further.

Grateful. I am grateful. I am grateful for all that has happened this year. I could not have don’t the things that I did this year if it weren’t for the people in my life that care about me. They care about the things I do, and care about the things I strive for. For that, I am grateful.


Transformer Station

Last Wednesday, my class took a fields trip to the Transformer Station in Ohio City. There was an exhibit on girls and coming of age by Lebanese-American photographer Rania Matar. In her photographs she displays girls in there most insecure, uncomfortable time and age in their lives… puberty. Here are two pictures that kind of stood out to me above the rest.


In this first picture we have 2 pictures of the same person, only they are taken 4 years apart. Christina was only 10 when the picture on the right was taken. And she was 14 when the left one was taken. This is a series that Matar did where she photographed girls just before they were going to start going through puberty. Then she revisited these same girls and shot them again. In a lot of them she tried to take the picture in the same spot as the first. But in this one she went with a different, though similar, background for the pictures. That is what I liked about this particular one from the series. It makes you feel like there were changes in Christina’s life other than the obvious physical changes that happens during those years.


The second picture I chose is from a series Matar did involving girls in their bedrooms. These girls mostly were strangers to Matar and not really actual models. And the rooms aren’t sets. The rooms actually belong to these girls and that alone can be a difficult thing, allowing a stranger to take pictures of you in your room for the world to see. This one in particular stood out to me. The girl has a lot of pictures of women covering every inch of wall space. When discussing this picture with my classmates, it was easy for them to recognize this as the girl being gay. But I didn’t see that when I saw this picture. I saw a girl with body issues, she sees the way women figures are in the media and the bodies that models have and she wants that… she thinks that she wants that. Weather I am right or my classmates are right, we cant truly be certain, but what is clear is that Matar saw something here to and decided this was the corner she wanted to take the picture for a very good reason.

More info and Links from Brian Ulrich

The Influential Photographer that I choose is Brian Ulrich. I hope you enjoyed my presentation. If you would like to watch the full video that I had in my slideshow, I have linked it below. Also I am going to leave a link to his website. For further info and photos simply Google Brian Ulrich.


For anyone who is following this blog and not in my class, I will try and post my presentation on this blog in the next day or two.


Brian Ulrich – Interview for ArtDrift

Brian Ulrich’s Website

Color Series WIP

The following is some images that I intend on using or continuing to draw impersonation from when working on the Series in Color assignment.

The last 2 images are 2 images that i want to mess with in Photoshop. I would like to make a composition with the tree trunk in focus. Then use the out of focus background elements from the other photo.

Please leave any comments or feedback. Its greatly appreciated!